OdoClub is an industry first! It is a highly innovative, patent pending marketing program built on a true partnership and an ongoing dialogue with the consumer. It promotes long-term interactions that build understanding, trust, and confidence so when it’s time to buy or get service, consumers know where to get the best combination of value and quality. OdoClub can really be thought of as several programs rolled into one. It is a loyalty/retention tool, it is a marketing communications tool, and it is a prospecting/sales generating tool. For any dealership wanting to stand out from the crowd, participation in the OdoClub program is the most cost-effective way to ensure high prospect conversion rates, high levels of customer satisfaction, and superior repeat business.

OdoClub lets you build a prospect base around known needs, desires, budget, and purchasing horizon. You get to communicate with each individual prospect exactly with the right marketing information at exactly the right moment in their decision-cycle. Simply put, it’s the most effective marketing program in existence. There’s no better way to build understanding, trust, and consumer loyalty.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of participating in the OdoClub program, you can schedule a visit from an OdoClub area sales representative online. Click Contact Me and an OdoClub representative will respond within one business day

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