Wouldn't it be great if you could actually earn money on the miles you drive?

With OdoClub it's possible. By becoming an OdoClub member you can earn points for every mile you drive and redeem those points for discounts against goods and services offered by participating Dealerships. Unlike your experiences on other websites, you won't get spammed or deluged with irrelevant advertising on OdoClub. Instead, the only marketing communications you will receive will be specially focused information that is relevant to your needs and desires – all based on what you tell us if and when you choose to tell us - about yourself and your future purchasing intentions.

When you become an OdoClub member you'll make a monthly visit to your personal OdoClub home page to update your miles driven since last time you visited, and if you choose to, You can take a virtual drive. During the drive there may be a chance to earn additional miles through voluntary interactions with the site. And when it's time to buy something, all the miles you've recorded can be redeemed for cash-equivalent discounts against goods and services from your chosen dealership.

There are many ways to become an OdoClub member. You can sign up online by clicking Join the Club, or you can get signed up by a participating dealership. For a list of participating dealerships near to you, enter your five-digit ZIP code and then click Join the Club. If you are already a member, you can earn even more miles by Referring A Friend.

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